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Levey Road to Pearl Harbor GoFundMe PageAs proud parents,  staff  and supporters,  we are  thrilled to  announce  that  the  Levey Middle School Marching Jaguars of Southfield, Michigan have been invited to perform at the  75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, December 2016. Out of 46 groups performing, we are the only Middle School chosen. Our overall goal is to raise approximately $250,000 to cover the cost of hotel, airfare, food and transportation while in Hawaii. What a sense of pride it would be for these young students to participate  in  this  “Once  in  a  Lifetime  Trip”  to  honor  those  who  fought  and/or  died  while protecting our American shores. We welcome your support to the Jaguars and extend a very heartfelt “Thank You” in advance for your prayers and support. Won’t you consider supporting the Glenn W. Levey Instrumental Music Program as we continue in our endeavor to showcase our “World Class Talent?”

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